It’s That Time 0f Year Again… Baseball Season Here We Come!

It’s That Time 0f Year Again… Baseball Season Here We Come!

Baseball season is back! Boxes and bins are out, bags are filling up and flights are booked. Spring training here we come!

Off season has been magnificent! We enjoyed a couple months at home surrounded by family and friends. My husband and I went on a couple trips, we had the most amazing time! We did some remodeling in our home and of course soaked in all that goes into the holiday season. There is no place like home!

Each year around this time it’s always sad to leave our families for majority of the year but there is also an excitement for the upcoming season! Reuniting with our baseball families, baseball games daily and all the crazy adventures that come with each season… and trust me, there are always a few 😉

This lifestyle definitely keeps us on our toes and constantly bouncing around but it’s truly such a blessing and we are so fortunate to be living it together.

And of course, our fur baby Zoey always comes with us! She has become a good traveler 😉

Here’s to a wonderful and healthy 2017 season! Go Mariners and #3!

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