The Perfect Fall Evening

The Perfect Fall Evening

Fall is here and it’s my absolute favorite time of the year! I love the colors, smells and the cool crisp air. Its so relaxing to sit outside and enjoy this beautiful weather. I look forward to this time of year so I can decorate, cook and bring the warm colors and smells of fall into our home.

Tonight we are grilling out while we enjoy a glass of wine and watch the sunset. My husband is the grill master in our family. I prepared cornbread and cranberry stuffed pork chops that he’s going to throw on the grill. Im also whipping up my homemade apple pie. Doesn’t this meal have fall written all over it??

Nights like tonight, we can sit outside for hours talking while the sun goes down. Sometimes we put on a fire if its cool enough. We do live in Florida… So I’m always cold!  Sometimes I’ll even make us a latte to sip on while cuddling by the fire.

Below are a few photos from our evening đŸ™‚

What’s your perfect fall night?

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